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Share Your Fondest Memories of Brennan’s

Posted on: May 19th, 2009 by fcasio 24 Comments

For over 40 years, Brennan’s of Houston has been dedicated to helping create memories. Now we are asking you, our guests, to share your fondest of fond stories with us. Dig in your memory banks and harvest some of the your nearest and dearest memories of Brennan’s. Did you have a part of your wedding celebration with us?  Or, is this where your annual birthday or anniversary festivities begin? 


We want to know how you feel about us.  Consider the lines of communication fully open!  Please share your story by posting a comment at the bottom of this blog. Comment as many times as you want.


We want you to know that we miss all of you very much.  We consider you part of our family and hope you feel the same way.  


Over the course of our construction we will be keeping you informed as much as possible, posting pictures & anything else that may be of interest.  We know that many of you see us every day on your commute home but cannot tell a thing from 35 mph on Smith Street! 


This blog will hopefully be the vehicle that gives you a front row seat to everything that we will be going through in the following months as we piece our beautiful structure back together and it takes on new grandeur.  Know that the restored Brennan’s will re-emerge, designed to better serve you.  We hope you will consider it a new and improved backdrop for your future memories.  We cannot wait to welcome you all with open doors this fall.

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24 Responses

  1. Beverly Warmuth says:

    We have celebrated New Year's Day (brunch and later on breakfast) every year for the past 33 years, without a miss, except for 2009. Please make our reservation for January 1, 2010 whatever time you open. I know you don't have all the particulars, but I can't skip another year and I'm sure you will probably be crowded. Thanks for the wonderful memories.

  2. JF722 says:

    I have so many wonderful memories of Brennan's so it is hard to describe just one – but here is the first one that comes to mind: I first went to Brennan's during my senior year in high school (1979). I had a date with the president of my school's French Club who had also been one of my best friends since 1st grade. He has since passed away, so the fact that he took me Brennan's for the French Club banquet is exceptionally special. The banquet was in the beautiful large party room upstairs. I wore a great slinky black dress and he wore a dark suit. The meal was pre-selected, so I didn't know what I was eating. It wasn't until I had devoured my bowl of turtle soup that my date told me what I was eating. Being a naive young girl who had not dined out very much, I was a bit squeamish about having just eaten turtle. I quickly got over it. I have been eating turtle soup at Brennan's ever since (30 yrs) and have absolutely no qualms about it. I can't wait for the reopening – the hardest decision will be what to have for dessert – turtle soup is a given!

  3. Kevin Correll says:

    My Anniversary Dinner at Brennan's of Houston (Part 1)

    My Sous Chef Ojan Bagher – bestowed upon my Wife and I an evening not to forget. He arrnged a reservation and gave us a wonderous meal. Upon arriving I heard the Hostess tell the waiter "Let the Kitchen know Table 52 is here." So we were seated and ask our drink order and given menus. The wife will have iced tea, and I choose sprite. As we browse the menu my wife decides on her choices with a little help from me. I will have a four course tasting offered by the Chef, my wife is not as ventureous as I am when it comes to food, but that goes with being a cook.

  4. Kevin Correll says:

    My Anniversary Dinner at Brennan's of Houston (Part 2)

    Soon after placing our order we are treated to a pre-starter. We are served a small dish that was very well plated. It was some sauted button mushrooms in a cream sauce with sauted asparagus touched with butter and a hint of lemon, then finished with some scallion oil.
    Next comes the starters, for the wife it was Exec. Chef Randy Evans signature – Shrimp with Biscuits and gravy. They take a sweet onion biscuit pudding and place it in a pool of shrimp bisque, accompanied by jumbo shrimp and garnished with scallions and fresh honey lardons(bacon). For me it was a bowl of Fresh Cucumber soup with small diced onion and Jumbo Lump Crab Meat touched with a fresh minted yogurt – it was quite divine and served by Sous Chef Roland Soza

  5. Kevin Correll says:

    My Anniversary Dinner at Brennan's of Houston (Part 3)
    Next is the salad course, for the wife it is a salad of arugula and frisee lettuce, topped with a strawberry vinagrette,candied pecans, as well as fresh stawberries, and accompanied by a toasted bagguette with a warm goat's milk cheese. I was served a salad of fresh asparagus spears, hearts of palm, and frisee lettuce dressed with a truffled vinagrette and accompanied by fresh sliced truffles and a deep fried poached egg.
    Next is our main courses and for the wife it was a Filt Mignon with a wine reduction sauce served with Yukon Gold mashed potatoes. For me it was Chicken and Dumplings – they start by de-boning the leg and then confit it. They then vacuum seal the breast portin with olive oil and fresh thyme and sous vide it. It is served with a saute of small diced aromatics with Black & Gold Trumphet mushrooms and accompanied with some thyme scented gnocchithey then pan sear the confit leg and breast to give a wonderful golden color. We brought to the table the server finishes the dish with a rich chicken jus….

  6. Kevin Correll says:

    My Anniversary Dinner at Brennan's of Houston (Part 4)
    We were told to save room for dessert. they brought 2 decorated chef's hats for a keepsake along with 4 desserts for the 2 of us. For the wife Chocolate Molten Souffle.., and for me the Creole Cream Cheesecake, we Shared some of the Cream Brulee.., and took the Chocolate Cheesecake home to the Babysitter. And if this wan't enough we took home 2 pralines apiece.
    The Chef took care of the check, and we left the server a nice tip. I ventured into the Kitchen to thank the Chef for the wonderful meal. And seeing the fast pace atmosphere I wanted to grab a apron and jacket and get on the line and help out, but oh yaeh my wife is still in the dining room. so I went and met her we paid the Valet and departed to our home. It was a time not to forget.
    The food was phenominal, and the ambiance elegant. Saturday April 12, 2008 – Table 52, at Brennan's will be a memory to cherish a lifetime.

  7. Dave Arthurs says:

    My fondest memory is sitting on the patio mid-afternoon during the middle of a "work day" in the shade of the trees with a bottle of wine. It was between lunch and dinner…no one was there…it was quiet and relaxing. We had a philosophical discussion about business. Alex sat down and joined us and had many years of wisdom and interesting stories to share…

  8. happykatie says:

    My fondest memory of Brennan's really is a story about growing up. While every single meal I have ever had at Brennan's is a cherished treasure in itself (the turtle soup, the filet mignon, the pralines, the cheesecake… oh how I wish I could dine there today!!) all the best memories are of people.

    The very first time (years ago) that I went to Brennan's, my date and I probably stood out like sore thumbs – crazy hair, super young, our 'good' clothes less than chic… but that didn't matter the minute we walked in the door. We were warmly greeted and taken care of like royalty, we had a fabulous meal, a fabulous time with our server and walked out floating on air. The city was ours that night.

    Years (and certainly many haircuts – thank goodness) later, I've never really forgotten how important I felt on that very first night. It was a taste of the good life and I re-lived that excitement every time I walked in those beautiful doors for a business luncheon or dinner with friends.

    Thank you, Brennan's and wonderful staff, for making me feel like family when you could have just raised an eyebrow at our youthful exuberance, served us a meal and sent us on our way. Instead you crafted a memory that will last a lifetime and have drawn me in as no mere 'restaurant' ever could. I can't wait to walk back through your doors and, in a few more years, hope that my daughter gets a special date night like mine.

  9. Jessica Peterson says:

    I have only eaten at Brennan's once and that was the night my husband proposed to me in December 2006. My husband (boyfriend at the time) pre-selected the menu for us and we had a private room to enjoy a romantic dinner in the most beautiful atmosphere possible. After the proposal, my husband had our parents join us for a celebratory toast and we passed around the various desserts presented to us. It was a beautiful environment and amazing meal for such a special time. I am going to try and convince my husband to take me back for our 2 year wedding anniversary March 2010! 🙂

  10. J Nicole says:

    I have several wonderful memories of Brennan's, but a very special one was my birthday a few years ago. My boyfriend reserved a private room where we shared a romantic dinner including cake – with candles. The ambience was perfect; he couldn't have picked a better setting. There was a problem with the speakers, so we didn't have any music, but it didn't matter because we had great conversation, a great meal, and fantastic wine. When I think of Brennan's, that wonderful night always comes to mind. Wishing you much success as you rebuild!

  11. The Burgower family dined at Brennan's for every wedding, every rehearsal dinner, every anniversary and every special occasion. my favorite, however, is my dad's last birthday! he was just starting his chemo and wanted his "last" taste to be at brennan's for brunch. He happily had two sazaracs, eggs st. charles and turtle soup!! he is gone, but i am anxiously waiting to return and sit at my favorite table!!

  12. kevcorre says:

    One of the my favorite times was my firdt meal at the famed Kitchen Table. I t was 2 co-workers and myself having a business lunch with 3 gentlemen from the Tauber Oil Company.
    We had been doing so much work for them I thought it would be a great gesture, and a nice way to say thank you. It felt so awkward though. I am usually on the other side of the table cooking and serving the food, instead of being served. We had 5 courses Soup, salad, seafood, meat, and finally desert. We all luaghed, romed the kitchen, and of course had tremendous food. The turle soup was out of this world, the salad with peaches was to die for,the crab cakes very emaculant, the steak and pomme frites very tender, and then Bananas Foster along with seven other deserts for the 5 of us. Agreat way to spend half your work day. Not to mention the Boss picks up the Tab. God is awesome and so was my 1st Kitchen Table experience.
    I cannot wait for another great memory!

  13. kitty hearney says:

    I have been to Brennan's countless times endulging in turtle soup, crab cakes, bread pudding and my ever favorite milk punch. My fondest memory has to be that of my wedding day – it was perfect. We arrived from Holy Rosary and took family pictures on the patio as our guests watched from above. We dined on a little bit of everything Brennan's had to offer and danced to the music of Yvonne Washington – it was divine! How sad that (nearly 7 yrs later) and just 2 days after our baby girl arrived in the world, we heard that Ike took away the place at which we celebrated the start of our new life. My husband and I look forward to the day we can bring our little one to brunch at Brennan's. Until then, I raise a glass of milk punch and say Laissez Les Bon Temps Roulez!

  14. A. Brandt Burge says:

    I’m one of those rare girls born without the “bride gene”, but after our very small wedding, we all enjoyed a lunch reception at Brennan’s. Instead of a groom’s cake we had Brennan’s bananas foster, which my husband recommends highly! Coming this August it will be sixteen years of wedded bliss and a wonderful memory. We look forward to returning back to Houston to enjoy a Brennan’s meal when it reopens.

  15. Heather_Chase says:

    I don't know where to begin. My relationship with Brennan's has been so intimate for so many years, that I feel like I'm missing my family. I moved here from Savannah, GA. where I grew up in in the back of my father's kitchen (he was a chef/restaurateur until he retired recently), and Brennan's was always where I went whenever I wanted to relax and feel welcomed among friends and loved ones in a familiar environment. I remember my birthday/engagement party where Sarah (former sous chef and dear friend of mine who is now, I believe, in Chicago) joined me as a guest at my table — though it was really hard to keep her from going into the kitchen — along with a dozen or so other friends, including Harry, my erstwhile fiancee and bartender at the Remington in the St. Regis. We had a truly lovely time, and I could name and describe every single dish and drink I had that night (that's true for almost every time I've been to Brennan's, though!). But that was the only formal event of my own making that I ever had at Brennan's.

    Most often, my time was spent in the kitchen with the staff where I was most comfortable (growing up in a kitchen makes it oddly more comfortable in the back of the house than the front), nibbling at this or that at their desk or the kitchen table when it was not being used, sampling some new thing they were working on, which was always interesting. I went along for a sort of food field trip with Randy and Chris Shepherd (before he went off to his new venture, Catalan where he serves "small dishes" NOT tapas, thank you very much ;D ), and we visited the Froeberg farm, the bee farm, and Haas vineyard, and had a lot of fun. After that, I started picking up produce for the kitchen now and then from Froeberg when they needed it, and I'd bring back the farm's famous fried pies for everyone to eat until relocating made that unfeasible, unfortunately.

    I watched Jose's daughter grow up into a really beautiful young woman. I saw Chris go off to start his own restaurant. I was happy when Randy made executive chef when Chris passed the buck, and then later when his baby girl came, I enjoyed seeing her. Mark always gave me a bear hug when I'd go visit him a Pesce. I was proud when Thomas went from waiter to head waiter/manager. I have fond memories of following James around as he restocked the cellar and learning about him, and wine. Katherine was always kind to me (though almost always too busy to talk much). And of course, Carl, who was always so unassuming, kind and wonderful. I have good memories of listening to him tell me how proud he was of his son.

    I have many more memories besides — too many to post here, and they are better shared over a nice port when this is all over anyway, yes? — and Brennan's has played such a large part in my life that I can honestly say that I have had a lot of trouble adjusting to its absence.

    You see, most of my memories of Brennan's are very personal and are to do with the people who made it what it is, which has always been what sets Brennan's apart from everywhere else. Whenever I brought guests with me, the staff always gave me a wink and put on the dog for them, and my guests invariably remarked to me later that it was the very finest dining experience they ever had. I've eaten in many of the finest restaurants all over the world, and I can say without any hesitation or reservation that Brennan's is one of the very best (better than La Grand Vefour in Paris I was proud to discover, though that pride does not really belong to me). I have occasion to recommend restaurants often to visitors to the city, and when they asked me where to go, I always said: Brennan's. I still do, though it is with a sad caveat that they shall have to wait for the experience.

    I thank you all for giving me my special place all these years, and though I was stricken at the loss of it, I am so happy to know that it is temporary, and I look forward to returning and seeing my family again, and perhaps meeting some new family members, too.

  16. M. Keichian says:

    My first meal at Brennan's was on the occasion of my first date with the man who has been my husband for nearly 30 years. I have been back a number of times since then to celebrate our anniversary, birthdays, and dinners and lunches with friends. I am saddened to think that next week when we celebrate 30 years of marriage we cannot do it at Brennan's, however I am delighted to know that you will be back by year 31.

  17. Dawn Stuckey says:

    I have so many wonderful memories.I had so many that I had to delete most. One in particular was when my then 18 yr old son took me to Brennan's for Mother's Day. It was the most special day as my son was soon to leave for the Navy. Another great memory is during my Birthday dinner, Chef Carl Walker sat down at my table and signed my cherished cookbook. Every year I make reservations for Mothers Day with my Mother. I missed you this year. Can't wait for next year. Good Luck in rebuilding Wonderful Brennan's

  18. Margaret Matejka says:

    All of my experiences at Brennan's over the years have been memorable and enjoyable, however, the most beautiful was our wedding dinner on 9/29/07. It was truly special! The pictures of that event rotate on my computer daily to remind us of the great food, beautiful setting, wonderful service, and happy guests! We look forward to the completion of construction to return!

  19. Rana Martin says:

    I have had some pretty amazing times at Brennan's of Houston. My 16th birthday dinner with my mom, dad, and brother,,, My 18th birthday dinner with mom, dad, and brother… My college graduation dinner with mom, dad, and boyfriend (who is now my husband), and the best was THE PROPOSAL at Brennan's in the small private room. That was such a fun night!!! The June before Hurricane Ike my husband and I celebrated our 5th wedding anniversary with outstanding dinner from the Chef. I look forward to the re-opening of such a special place in my heart and tummy :0).

  20. Tracy Burgess says:

    As a native Houstonian with most of my family in Houston as well, every important
    milestone was celebrated at Brennan's of Houston. My earliest memories were
    Easter brunch after church at First Methodist in downtown Houston. Since then,
    my High School Graduation Luncheon, 5 years later my Wedding luncheon, 80th & 90th
    Birthdays for my Grandmother and Aunt, My Mother's Retirement Luncheon and then
    another Wedding Dinner. My husband, daughter, and I miss bringing familt there when
    we visit , but we forward to making many memories there again soon!!
    Tracy Burgess

  21. Sandra Winters says:

    Since our re-relocation back to Houston in 2006, my husband and I have been celebrating our wedding anniversary at Brennan's every year. This is simply because they went out of our way on every June 14 to make our evening as special and personal as possible. Fabulous food and unforgetable memories were created there. In fact, other memories were created as a result of Brennan's.

    On June 14, 2006, your sommelier introduced us to a wine that became a staple in our home. We love it so much we were invited to the winemakers home in Napa for my 40th birthday this year. It was spectacular and that too we owe to Brennan's.

    Thank you for all the wonderful memories!!!! Soooo looking forward to opening day!

  22. Every special occassion for us has been at Brennan's – every wedding anniversary, taking family or dear friends out for a special meal, birthdays and Mother's Day brunch… we will be celebrating our 15th wedding anniversary this month, and sadly, will have to go somewhere else for one more year until you reopen… nothing compares!!! My 30th birthday, along with 30 of my friends, was celebrated at Brennan's…and I imagine, in another year and a half, my 40th and my hubby's 50th will be celebrated with you as well. Four mornings a week I pass by the restaurant on my way to the gym, eagerly trying to see how the reconstruction is coming along… we cannot wait until you reopen and we can once again celebrate all of our special days (and otherwise!) at Brennan's. It is THE favorite place for us and we'll look forward to being with you all again someday soon!

  23. Jeff says:

    I have no fond memory of Brennan's but it will always play a part in the story of my engagement. My wife, at the time girlfriend and soon to be fiance, had made reservations for my 40th birthday the night it burned. With the onset of Ike, every plan changed. Our dinner, the party she had planned that Saturday, and then my plans for asking her to be my wife at the Texans game that Sunday. We had the party the next Saturday and I ask for her hand a week after Ike, but Brennan's is the one piece missing.
    We look forward to your re-opening so that we can finally enjoy the one missing event from that weekend.

  24. Linda says:

    My husband and I have enjoyed Brennan's several times. But, most memorable, was our wedding that was held there on January 1, 2005 followed by a too fabulous lunch. We returned there on our second anniversary, but other plans and things kept us away in subsequent years. We have been really hoping that this year, our fifth anniversary, we would be back at Brennan's. With great anticipation we await your reopening.
    Tim and Linda

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