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Uncovering our past…one layer at a time

Posted on: June 3rd, 2009 by fcasio 4 Comments

Every day it’s something new…or old that is!  With each new day comes a glimpse of our past like uncovering a diary lost long ago.  For every board that comes down a treasure is revealed.  Some leave us questioning its origin, others bring a little tear.     

A building so filled with history & memories should be brimming with gems, but we were surprised with what was unearthed.  These finds have taken place over these long months; some only have meaning to us whilst others conjure up reflections from your past.

The first to be unveiled was the wall fabric that graced the newly crowned Brennan’s of Houston Main Dining room walls back in 1967.  This fabric was exposed when the crew started pulling down the fabric that we knew was there.  As it turns out the botanical and fowl design is coming back into style and was used as inspiration for our new decor.

The following months brought more discoveries that are from before our time here, back when the Junior League was residing at 3300 Smith Street.  We are vastly dumbfounded by the exposure of seemingly random bells around the building up on the second story floor joists. 

Another piece of history we came across was what they used for a sound barrier in the ballroom floor.  I think we were all shocked when the demo crew reveled tons of shredded newspaper.  Yes, newspaper!  What is most surprising is that it was unharmed by the flames.

The conclusion of last week brought a touching find.  The demo crew pulled down the coating surrounding the water station & uncovered the autograph walls of the Original Kitchen Table.  Unfortunately, some pieces of autographs came off with wall covering.  However, enough was left intact to get a glimpse of the many memories that filled this intimate space. 

As we get closer to being whole again we are reminded daily of where we have been and to never forget our roots.  Alex always says that the mortar of this building is filled with memories; this must be why it is so tenacious!    

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4 Responses

  1. Rhonda Courter says:

    Does anyone have a date now on the opening?

  2. Debbie says:

    Dear Mr. Brennan-Martin,
    Please keep us informed on the reopening of our favorite restaurant. My husband and I celebrate our anniversary with you every year, except last year, of course. We would like to attend the ribbon cutting and are ready to celebrate your opening. See you soon! Debbie

  3. Charles Leech says:

    Dear Sirs:
    Today is Dec. 1, 2009. Debbie's comment was posted "3 weeks ago", so on or about Nov. 10. We too would like to be informed of a guesstimate of your reopening date. We are looking forward to that day. It appears that your latest update is dated 06.03.09. That was six months ago and begs the question of IF there will be a reopening date.
    Kindest Regards,
    Eileen & Buddy

  4. To Brennans and staff,

    Thanks so much for rebuilding your wonderful restuarant. My family has spent so many memorable occassions at this resturant from our first dates, confirmation celebrations, engagement celebrations, bridal luncheons, bridal showers, and New Years Eve parties. My family has also celebrated all of year service anniversaries wigth Shell Oil Company and retirement celebrations spaning over 45 years.

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