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Show Us Your Pucker-Face!

Posted on: January 27th, 2012 by fcasio 167 Comments

And the WINNER is….(drumroll), P-p-p-ucker Face. Cheers to the Lemon!


Voting ended 2/2/2012 @ 5 PM

Vote for your favorite Pucker!

To vote, leave a comment below with the caption of your favorite #PuckerFace.
The image with the highest number of votes by the end of February 2nd will win!

NOTE: duplicate votes will not be counted in final results.


Doggy Pucker


Lil tot pucker


Lemon Smile Pucker


Kissy Pucker



Rules for entry:

Lemons get a bad rap with phrases like “if life gives you lemons” or “that car is a lemon” and…well, you get the picture. But now that citrus season is in full swing, we’d like to give an Ode to the Lemon!

Share your “Pucker-Face” on our Facebook and Twitter sites for a chance to win dinner for two!

Step 1: Take a Pucker-Face Photo (Let’s keep it clean, folks, we’re a family-friendly place).

Step 2: Share on our Facebook Wall or Twitter with #PuckerFace by February 1, 2012.

Our Brennan’s team will narrow it down to the top puckers and post the finalist to our Brennan’s of Houston blog on February 2nd.

Step 3: Visit our blog and tell your friends to cast a vote by leaving a comment with your photo caption. The image with the highest number of votes by the end of February 2nd will win!

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167 Responses

  1. Danet says:

    P-p-p–uckerFace is the most genuine. Great contest, guys!

  2. Ann says:

    P-p-p–uckerFace! Just like Blue Steel or Magnum. Maybe better.

  3. Annie says:


  4. Priya says:

    Doggy fave

  5. Jose says:


  6. josie says:

    Doggy fscr

  7. Tom says:


  8. Chess says:


  9. Suzanne says:

    Hope I’m on time to vote for P-p-p–uckerFace

  10. Saul says:

    Doggy face

  11. Roy says:


  12. Max says:

    My vote is for P-p-p–uckerFace

  13. Percy says:


  14. david deleon says:

    Brittney cool shes the best ( ;

  15. Courtney says:

    Pucker face only bit doggy face by about 5 votes and I hope y’all give them a consolation prize.

  16. Anna Fulbright says:

    Thank you to everyone who voted for Sugar aka Doggy face. Thank you Courtney for your sweet comment and your vote! 🙂

  17. Fern Casio says:

    Courtney, unfortunately we only have one prize for this contest. Thank you for voting.

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