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Words of Wisdom

Posted on: May 7th, 2012 by fcasio 10 Comments

To honor all moms, this week we’ll be featuring Words of Wisdom from moms everywhere. Share with us the best advice you ever received from Mom and one guest will be randomly selected to receive a dinner for 2.

Alex Brennan-Martin’s mother, Miss Ella, gave her son a piece of advice that resonates with him to this day. When asked how she’d built her business she replied, “First, make a friend.”

Miss Ella Brennan

Excerpt from Alex Brennan-Martin’s,  The Simple Truth:
“You look a friend in the eye and smile. When your friends come to your home for dinner, you straighten up the place. You put on your good clothes, not to impress your friends, but to show respect for them.”


What are some words of maternal wisdom that you still swear by today? Share with us by posting a comment below.


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10 Responses

  1. Sharon Sparks says:

    When stressing the importance of a good education, my mother always said, “Your education is something that no one can ever take away from you.”

  2. Larry Luck says:

    My mom was always trying to keep my two brothers and me from fighting. She would tell us, “your other friends may be temporary, but your brothers will be with you forever.” I am so thankful that she taught us not to take each other for granted – today they are my closest friends.

  3. Hayley Hibbert says:

    My mother always reminded me that your character is determined by what you do when no one’s watching. At the end of the day, she said, life is about being comfortable with the decisions you’ve made and feeling as though you’ve done the best you could with the situations presented to you.

  4. Alisha Renshaw says:

    I had a woman in my life who was always very critical negative and pushed my buttons. My mom asked me, is this someone you admire and want to emulate? I said, no, not really. Her advice, smile, say thank you for your comments, and promptly forget them. I have passed this brilliant advice on to friends and family on many occasions!

  5. Brandy Danielson says:

    After experiencing the loss of my son a few months ago, my mom said the most comforting thing I have thus far. She hugged me and said “being a mother is the most amazing and wonderful experience you will ever experience. But being a mother to an angel is going to be the most rewarding. You will always know you have someone special looking over your should when you need him the most.” Her words have helped me cope.

  6. Sarah Hazel says:

    When my own children were small, probably as a result of one too many tear filled phone conversations, my mother sent me a plaque that said “Children need love most when they least deserve it”. This has become the sentiment that I remember most, in good times and bad, not only with our now grown daughters, but with friends and strangers alike. Everyone deserves a little grace.

  7. Rita Dumaine says:

    Mama imparted many words of wisdom, but one that has come in handy in this Facebook world is, “A lady is never photographed with a drink in her hand.” I’ve always tried my best to follow this rule. I also like “Better to be overdressed than underdressed.”
    Happy Mother’s Day to all (and you Mothers-to-be as well.)

  8. Jacqueline Thompson says:

    My mother is my best fan. She has always loved, encouraged and supported me unconditionally. She taught me to have the patience to accept the things that were unchangeable. She reassured me that I could change almost anything if I could dream. She explained things to me, so that I would know the difference. For this, I appreciate my Mom and the serenity prayer that is hidden in my heart.

  9. fcasio says:

    Thank you to all who shared your Mother’s words of wisdom. Sarah Hazel, you’ve been randomly selected for the dinner for 2. Congratulations and hope all you mother’s enjoyed your very special day!

  10. fcasio says:

    Sarah, you’re the winner of the dinner for 2 certificate. Please reply to fcasio@brennanshouston.com with your mailing address. Thanks!

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