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Donald and Susan Wedding

Posted on: August 21st, 2013 by fcasio 1 Comment


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Brennans houston

Peaceful, calm, cool…collected.  Everyone was at total ease the morning that this sweet couple said “i do”.  Brennan’s was the PERFECT spot for the beautifully intimate gathering of friends and family.  They giggled as they said their vows, Donald wiped away a sweet tear from Susan’s face and then a kiss and a turn to their attendees to say “let’s eat”.

It was a beautiful morning in Houston…one that all in attendance will not forget as the day that Susan and Donald became one.

Some of Donald & Susan’s memories from the day:
Q. What was your favorite part about the wedding?

A. The vows. Hands down. I had heard them millions of times and when they were said to me, I was flooded with emotion. That and 70 degree weather outside in Houston. In May.

Q. What was one quirky or crazy thing that happened on your wedding day?

A. We had a very small gathering of friends and family after the wedding. My friends surprised me with a mariachi band in the backyard!

Q. What was the most special moment on your wedding day?

A. Again, the vows. They were traditional Christian vows but hearing my new husband say them to me overwhelmed me with emotion. He was so sincere and it just totally tugged at my heart strings.

Q. What do you look forward to most about being married?

A. I look forward to being with Donald. Is that too easy of an answer? It’s true, though. We’ve got lots of years of neighborhood walks and evenings on the porch ahead of us. He’s my partner in crime, my teammate, but most of all, my best friend. I’m looking forward to our FUN future together!

Q. Where do you hope you will you be as a couple in five years?

A. I think we will still be having lots of fun! (Oh, and we’ll grow and establish our roots and all that other mature stuff.) Hoping we’ll have some kiddos along for the adventure in five years too….

Brennan's of Houston Courtyard Bar Cocktail MenuCourtyard Wedding

In the words of the bride: -vendor love-

Venues: Brennan’s Houston

Dress: BHLDN

Bridesmaids: J. Crew

Hair/Makeup: the Do Bar

Suit: Brooks Brothers

Cakes: Banana’s Foster, Brennan’s

Flowers: Central Market

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