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Sip-Sational News with the Coravin

Posted on: December 3rd, 2013 by fcasio 1 Comment
Jason Sherman Brennan's of Houston Wine Guy

Jason Sherman Brennan’s of Houston Wine Guy

A word from our Wine Guy / Wine Director, Jason Sherman:

“So who has heard the latest buzz in the wine world? If you read any current magazine, or ask any sommelier you might know, he / she will say the Coravin. “Intended” to be for the wine collectors to test wines from their own collection without breaking the seal, or having to consume the whole bottle, this device is now in the hands of many sommeliers around the world…including mine. Like many, I wanted to utilize this system of wine preservation to pour something unique by our fall / wine menu (think osso bucco, lamb chops, venison).

Dominus is one of the most age-worthy cabernet based blends made in our country…fitting that its owned and operated by the French Moueix family of Bordeaux. Try a 3-ounce glass of $25, or a full glass for $50.”

Keep an eye out for more exciting wines to be poured from the Coravin in coming months, including Gaja, Patz and Hall, Bruno Giacosa and Ogier.

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  1. AstonishingFM says:

    How does this device deal with sediment? For many age-worthy wines that would need decanting to separate out sediment (especially when the wine is at the right age for drinking), I wonder whether this device would work very well. Coravin’s manufacturer has produced a video describing a technique that is supposed to prevent disturbing sediment when using this device on bottles with a lot of sediment. (You can see that video at http://vimeo.com/72489409.) However, I’m skeptical because it seems to me that the process of injecting argon in the bottle to pressurize it might thereby disturb the sediment. Additionally, the technique Coravin’s manufacturer describes requires leaving the bottle undisturbed on it’s side while draining the wine with the Coravin device. It seems to me that aftera bottle lying on its side is half-drained, the Coravin’s tubing would be above the level of the remaining wine, so at best one would have to pop the cork to get at those last two glasses. Oh well. Nothing’s perfect.

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