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Words of Wisdom

Posted on: May 7th, 2012 by fcasio 10 Comments

To honor all moms, this week we’ll be featuring Words of Wisdom from moms everywhere. Share with us the best advice you ever received from Mom and one guest will be randomly selected to receive a dinner for 2.

Alex Brennan-Martin’s mother, Miss Ella, gave her son a piece of advice that resonates with him to this day. When asked how she’d built her business she replied, “First, make a friend.”

Miss Ella Brennan

Excerpt from Alex Brennan-Martin’s,  The Simple Truth:
“You look a friend in the eye and smile. When your friends come to your home for dinner, you straighten up the place. You put on your good clothes, not to impress your friends, but to show respect for them.”


What are some words of maternal wisdom that you still swear by today? Share with us by posting a comment below.